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How to identify an auto part supplier good or not?
      When you choose an auto part product online, get a price, the next step is to release the order. Before placing your order, you may find it necessary to come to China to visit the factory. But do you know what kind of factory is a qualified auto parts factory? With Tocean company 15 years experience in auto parts business, would like give you some following suggestion:

1. To see if factory workshop floor has area line, which means various raw materials, final roduct will be organized placed. This is very important.. Take Tocean is wiper motor instance, A Wiper motor is assembled by dozens of accessories. Only the rotor inside the motor needs about 10 processes. If placed raw material in disarray, workers make mistake easily. If you find any factory has no line on floor, be careful.


2. Check whether there is space for plastic molds. For example Tocean A/C Radiator Cooling Fan and Heater Blower Motor, these product are all injected using high-strength virgin nylon. Every single fan blade request a new mold. Of course, we need some space to put them. If factory catalog showing hundreds of products but only stock a dozen mould, it means this factory do not produce all by themselves.

3. Testing equipment is also important. Some testing equipment is not always used, only use when developing new products or sampling in the production process. This test equipment is usually placed in the testing room. While some testing equipment has to be used since beginning. Tocean is fuel injector is 100% tested. Testing equipment has been in use. If you find that the production process does not have testing equipment, you maybe visiting someone wrong.


4. Another point is the factory is certification. In auto parts industry, TS16949 is a important certification. Only with this certification, factory can work as OEM supplier. Tocean is partners all pass through TS16949 certification, all with the ability to service car make and many world famous brands.


5. The sample room is also a place to identify whether the factory is professional or not. It is not possible for one factory to put all the fittings together. For example, you are a USA importer, you need to find a supplier specializing in USA market. This will ensure that the model is complete and quality acceptable in USA. For example, Tocean is ignition distributor products are mainly sold to USA and Canida market. Many well-known American brands have chosen to cooperate with us. This shows that our products have been approved by the market. If other factories have the same model but selling to Africa, although the appearance is same, the interior quality is certainly different..

6. If you see many original samples in supplier is office for development, it shows that the factory business is in rising, the company is continuously developing new products and willing to invest more original samples. More important is that this factory do not copy using aftermarket product. It will keep the genuine quality of the product. Tocean Transmission Gear Shift Cable and ATV gear shift cable all developed from original samples, using the same materials, 100% accurate size., tests in same way. Buying our gear shift cable, you pay aftermarket price get original quality. We have inventory for some models, one piece to start business.


          In one word, there are millions auto part factories in China, due to different internation makret,  the price and quality are very different. There is no absolute inexpensive best quality product. Only suitable or not suitable. Find a good supplier, your business already half succeed. Tocean is always your right choice.


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